Our main objective is to provide a visually satisfying way to display and protect works of art for posterity.


We begin by making sure the art work is in the best condition it can be. If it requires attention before framing, we make sure it goes to the best person in the area. We follow through with each project and are available to deliver and install if necessary. We offer a full range of specialty services:

Boston College

Conservation Referrals

In the event that a work of art needs conservation prior to framing, our staff can asses the type of treatment needed and assist you in making the right choices for the conservation of your artwork. We have cultivated relationships with the best conservators in the area to ensure that your artwork will be treated with the highest professional standards.



Collection Management

Jameson and Thompson can build a custom collection database for your artwork, whether for insurance purposes, donation, or piece of mind, we have qualified staff to accommodate you. We can also recommend professional appraisers who will generate appraisal reports which conform with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and complies with the requirements of the IRS. We offer unbiased appraisal reports that represent our knowledge of Fine Art and Antiques.




Professional-Grade Painting Panels, Canvases, & Display Pedestals

We can provide you with any and all art surfaces and pedestals, customized to your needs, and fabricated in our woodshop. We regularly consult with artists to provide logistical support for their exhibitions, and can help you source materials, or troubleshoot projects, just ask!


Transportation & Crating

We have a cargo van and regularly make deliveries throughout the Boston area. We also work closely with local partners to provide door to door transportation throughout New England. If you have artwork that needs to be shipped, we can build crates and/or boxes, prep and wrap the artwork, and facilitate shipping either nationally or internationally.

Constructing Cerith Wyn Evan's " Untitled (Column) 17"  presented at Harvard's Carpenter Center in 2015.

Constructing Cerith Wyn Evan's "Untitled (Column) 17" presented at Harvard's Carpenter Center in 2015.






Artists and galleries regularly make contact to consult on custom fabrication jobs and we enjoy bringing our expertise to these unconventional projects. We have executed specific sculptural pieces and display structures for exhibition installations. 

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